Erica on Bad Girls Club 801

By Erica BGC8

My expectation coming into the house was that I'm going to be out every night partying, because Vegas is a city that never sleeps! I know I'm going to get into trouble a lot out here in the Bad Girls Club because I don't get along with other females & I'm a person that's going to speak my mind whether someone else agrees or not.

I was looking forward to going out into the city and meeting lots of different people in Vegas. I looked forward to partying & having a good time. Being young, wild & free, but most importantly I wanted to see if this experience would change me into a better woman.

I think the fight between Amy and Gia had reason, I mean if a girl threw up on my clothes I'd be pissed off too! I don’t think either of them was in the wrong because one threw up on the other & the other one wanted to fight over it. So both girls clearly had an issue with the situation that took place & they both handled it the way they knew how. Throwing up on people's clothes is a "no, no" & letting a girl get away with throwing up on your clothes is just "lame".

I had never been to Vegas before the Bad Girls Club & I was very excited to live in a new city, state, & explore things I never thought possible. Vegas is the The Money City & I love money! So this city is perfect for me!

I wasn't surprised at all that the girls started drama so quickly because this is the Bad Girls Club & girls tend to act very Extra on the first night, because they all want to prove to each other who's the biggest & baddest in the house.

My alter-ego Venetia is like my other half! Venetia is the more sexy, sassy, loud side of me. When Venetia comes out you know she's there, because she makes an entrance. She has to be in the hottest clothes, shoes, bags etc. & loves to spend money. Venetia is the type that'll make-out with anyone when she's drunk & doesn't think about the repercussions. When I'm pissed off that's when you'll see Venetia really come out, because she'll get all loud, put everything on blast & then acts very dominant & controlling until she feels like revenge has been served!

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