Erica on BGC 804

Jenna's leaving didn't impact the house at all. If Jenna stayed in the house, we would not have been a united group because no one really liked her anyway. Her leaving was just the icing on the cake for all of us. We didn't even notice she was gone, but then again, you don't pay attention to someone you don't care for anyway. I didn't care much for seeing her at the photo shoot. I just felt that a person who only lasted 6 days in the house shouldn't have been a part of that with us.

I think I misjudged Tiara from Season 7. She was actually a nice person and I wish I could've gotten to know her before I was so quick to judge her.

Tiara’s “mansion party” was awkward because it didn't seem like a mansion to me and I didn't see very many people at the party.

Everyone assumed they wouldn’t like Elease before she got to the house. I just feel like no one gave her a chance and the way that we all handled the situation was very immature of us.

I was surprised when Elease came back because it proved to all of us that she deserved to be in the Bad Girls Club house more than all of us. She was strong mentally and she wanted this experience more than any of us. I applaud her for that.

If I could change the past, I definitely would. The way we treated Elease was very uncalled for. If I could go back, I would have given her a chance because she gave us no reason to be mad at her. I think we all got caught up in the moment instead of really thinking and taking a step back.

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