Falen: I'm a Bad Girl because...

By Falen BGC9

I’m a Bad Girl because I don't take sh*t from anyone, period, point-blank! I am Falen Ghirmai, and I stand tall and will never fall! The way you perceive me is your opinion, and everyone is entitled to one, but at the end of the day I’m a true Bad Girl knows who she is and what she is all about. I will live life like every day is my last, I will make stupid decisions, I will laugh, I will cry, I will get angry… but at least I can admit it. You have to accept me for me, whether you like it or not! People don't need to be my friend or care to be around me, it will not hurt me, it will motivate me. I am human and I am not perfect! Accept me or leave me be!

I wanted to be on Bad Girls Club because I wanted to experience something different! I am a free spirit and I love challenges. I tried and I succeeded, and I made it!

I bring a sense of style to the house. Most people say they may never be able to pull something off, but I disagree! I want people to know they are able to pull off what they like; it’s all about how you work it. Honestly, I can say I wear things most people would never, but when you have confidence, the power is in your hands! Don’t ever let someone use the words “can’t,” “never” or “impossible” when they are talking about you and your actions. Those words are non-existent!

My car accident made me a little more patient and considerate with others, and it made me have a bit more of a filter. I try not to be so blunt, rude or mean! I've learned that there is more to life than we know, and you need to learn to appreciate the little things that you have in your life. Acknowledge the people who are truly there for you AND those that pray you fail or fall! It's a reminder that you are given a chance in life and just like that, it can be taken from you, leave you gone but not forgotten. Life is a privilege!

BGC Mexico is different from other seasons of BGC because it is the first international season and there is a lot more stress when you are dealing with people who don't speak a lot of English. Being able to adapt to an environment you’re not familiar with, so far from your friends and family, can be very stressful.

When I first met the other Bad Girls, I didn't know what to expect. But I kept my guard up and never let them see me sweat! I kept it cool and tried to read the girls beforehand so that I could get to know what they were about.  

Without giving anything away, this season you can plan to see a lot of craziness, love, hate, make-ups and break-ups! Wilding out and style on top, crusty dusty and pretty princess! It will be like a roller coaster, when the ride begins, we may not know when it will stop, crazy ride!

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