Falen on BGC 901: I trusted no one!

By Falen BGC9

When I first met the other Bad Girls, I was wary to simply analyze and observe. The one thing I kept in mind was to keep my guard up and to expect the unexpected! I trusted no one! But I was not nervous or scared when I me the girls for the first time. I came in ready for whatever. I thought, “LET'S GOOOO!”

I knew that Mexico would be one hell of a ride and one that only a few will experience… but that many will witness!

I wasn't too shocked at the girls’ actions in the club or that there was a fight on the first night. That happens on occasion in the DMV nightlife. To each their own! But I just knew that I wasn’t in the mood for no drama.

If what Julie told me was true (that Christina was fake) then hell yea she should have said it. I don't care what miserable, loony people have to say: don’t disrespect! I believe Julie is the baddest Bad Girl so far (besides myself), because she doesn't give a sh*t who you are: you can get wooped!

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