Gabi on Bad Girls 802

I personally knew Gia was going to come back to the house because her family kept calling. If she was kicked out her family would have been the first to know. I didn't really care if she came back or didn't.

Gia is borderline psycho when she drinks. We all see this and we all know this, but she's different when she's sober. With Amy it was either she was drunk, stupid and acting too hard or knocked out on Nyquil. So at this point I'd rather experience this with Gia than Amy but I def think one of them should have went home after the first night. Gia didn't really cause the first ruckus, Amy did.

As for Amy fighting with Mimi, I personally never got why she stopped trying to fight me and ran up on Mimi lol! Another moment where Amy was over the top for no reason since her weave wasn't even burnt yet.

When Mimi and Amy were being nice to each other later I was like, why would you ever be cool with anyone who put their hands on you? I know I wouldn't. I feel like it was a weak and passive move on Mimi's part. She knows better. But Amy’s wedding? LOL I was laughing and making faces the whole time ^.^

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