Gabi on Bad Girls 803

When my dad told Dani to start more drama in the house, he was most likely being facetious. I thought it was hilarious, but let's be serious to everyone who has been part of the peanut gallery from that clip. The show is based around that so he was right.

Dani probably starts more drama than I do. She has a mouth on her that can really get her in trouble, so she's kind of like the quarterback and I'm the catcher with all of the BS that goes down after she talks. But, that's my sister. I'll back her up even if I am totally against the stuff running out of her mouth!

When Jenna brought the guys home, one seemed decent and friendly until he got annoyingly drunk and the dude she brought home for herself was such a TOOL. Him and Jenna together had to have been the ultimate annoying duo. For the love of God, go away…we are all trying to sleep, not listen to you guys laugh about dirty dishes, REALLY?

I don’t think there was anything Jenna could have said to have prevented the fighting. You saw the look in her eyes? She was ready to go "HAM" for this annoying dude, which sent all of us off the edge. At this point, forget calming Jenna down, we all needed to relax.

Jenna didn't push Mimi any which way. Mimi is the oldest, and clearly she likes to throw her 25 years of age around. So she knew what she was doing, and clearly she talked badly about us all to Jenna.

I don’t think Jenna had the most fun in the house. Jenna was barely there so her fun doesn't even count to the amount that goes down this whole season. Of course they show drama, that's what the people want.

After Jenna left, we were a unified house and we made a promise that would either keep us unified or quickly break us apart. Stay tuned for that ;)

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