Gabi on BGC 804

I do NOT regret not going zip-lining!

Ha, I have a huge phobia with a few things and heights happen to be one of them. I was scared for them as the other girls did it. Maybe one day I'll get over it, but I didn't miss out on too much.

When Jenna came to the photo shoot, I thought it was most awkward when she came up to the table, pulled a chair out, and sat 10 feet away from the table. It was a working environment and with a lot being unsaid, that just made the tension rise to level 10. Honestly, I think I started laughing because if it were me, I would have sat right next to the table annoying the sh*t out of everyone.

I love being in front of the camera. I could do that my whole life. Being able to take pictures and literally act out lines and skits was a really good time. There’s nothing like doing something you love for a day. Who wouldn't love to be made over and pose for professional photographers?

When I first met Tiara from Season 7 I thought, “oh hmm, why did she have to come out dissing us instead of trying to have a good time?” We weren't sitting down the whole time. It was just when the DJ took the attention off of us onto a previous cast member. That’s when we all took a seat…not because we weren't having a good time. I didn't really think Tiara had a bad weave, it was real long actually. I just said that to make a point that you shouldn't diss people or someone before exchanging a few words first.

When I got to Tiara’s pool party, I legit showed up to fat wannabe rapper-looking dudes. I went to the bathroom because I was feeling really bloated that night and by the time I came out, all the girls were leaving. I was like, “say what?” But there was barely anyone there and the pool wasn't even a pool…it was like a mini lake, so I didn't care too much about staying anyway.

I initially stated Amy would be better if Jenna went. She was over the top when Jenna was in the house. The second she was gone, Amy started to spend time with all of us and I think we all got to feel each other out more. I always thought she was a good time, but now we really got to have it.

I was against Elease when she first came into the house because the first thing she did was hop right onto the vanity and say, "Is it hot in here or is it just me?" UMMM, no. Sorry, she knew she wouldn't like me from the jump and I knew I wouldn't like her. Don't come into a situation cocky when everyone else is close at this point. Come in humbly and ready to deal with 6 other people.

I don’t regret not giving Elease more of a chance. I didn't like her when she came.

Elease left one of her MANY suitcases outside. Why would you ever do that? She claims she is so rich and has so much money so who gives a sh*t about the 10 items she can "buy" the next day? Clearly to her, it wasn't life threatening so I didn't lose sleep over that.

It didn’t surprise me that Elease was back when we woke up. If you watch the first "jumping," she didn't even get hurt. The most damage anyone did to her was me pulling her weave and her fat ass (which she has) popped out of her dress. If it were me, that "jumping" would not have made me leave, but motivated me to stay. And clearly that's what we did.

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