Gabi on BGC 805

Seriously, Gia and Erica? Which one is it? Are you with us or against us? In one room Gia and Erica would tell us they were about that life or they'll thrash a b*tch but then tell America how we are the bullies and they are done. They would be chit chatting it up with Elease after talking mad sh*t about her. Whether or not America thinks we are the biggest bullies at this point of BGC8, at the end of the day we always kept to our word. We always kept it 100% real. We weren't pretending to be bad to someone else, nice to the other, and innocent to America AKA Gia and Erica.

I wanted to fight Elease every single time, but Danni always jumped in to have my back. I appreciate her for that, but I didn't need her to do so. If you watch this episode again I tell her to back up, but a sister's bond is very strong. Whether you want them to or not it's like this unexplainable reaction you get when someone crosses a line on family especially when you’re a twin.

I don't think Elease doesn’t react to us because she is strong person and can take all the BS. I think she is playing out all the girls to form this alliance, and when that alliance is formed then she will have a reaction towards Dani and me. She claims she doesn't need 5 girls behind her, but she's a hypocrite.

I didn’t go indoor sky-diving because I have severe asthma, pump and all! At the time I put together the sky-diving trip, I also had bronchitis. So, when I lay down on that huge fan, I got this huge amount of anxiety and panic like I was going to have an asthma attack with all that air blowing into my face and lungs. Even though I didn't participate as much as the other girls I'm glad they all had fun!

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