Gabi on BGC 807: We had a plan and Erica ruined it by lying.

It was an act of pure delusion, as I'd like to call it.

I've seen Amy streak before so it was no biggie, but for Mimi to continuously talk about my body and then get booty naked to run around made ABSOLUTELY no sense to me. Didn't she say she would rather do a hotdog eating contest over a bikini contest? Then she's quick to be butt ass naked running around?

When I found out about going to Lake Havasu, I was super excited to get out of that house. They could have said we were going down the street for three days and I would have gotten just as excited. When we found out we had to share the hotel room with the six other girls, I didn't care. I called the biggest room with Dani anyway and we got it. I’m happy we reformed an alliance with Erica and Gia. We had a bunch of good laughs in Lake Havasu so I can't really complain about it. I wasn’t surprised to have Erica and Gia back on my side. I knew they were coming back eventually, just didn't know when.

I spent most of my time in the master bedroom instead of going out with the other girls on the boat because I can't swim for sh*t. It was 110 degrees out (no exaggeration) and Amy and Gia were getting butt naked. I don’t need to be a part of that.  My favorite part about being on the boat was the sun. I need to live somewhere tropical where I can look out onto the water and collect my thoughts daily. It was really beautiful.

Locking Demitra, Amy, and Elease out of the hotel room was funny. We had a plan and Erica ruined it by lying. Amy honestly was just an innocent bystander because I had no problems with her at all. I was a little surprised by Demitra’s reaction to it though. How are you going to slam doors and break lamps, but not get into anyone's face? You know she knew we left them there on purpose. I felt bad when I broke her necklace though. That was by accident. I wanted to prove it was plastic and I guess I did. Oops.

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