Gia on Bad Girls 803

When I was woken up by Jenna and the others, my reaction was, “Shut the f*ck up! Disrespectful, we’re trying to sleep. Shut your guest up!” Jenna said she had the most fun in the house. She had no choice but to be a loner though, the only person she had was Amy! And Mimi by default. Jenna gave us a reason to kick her out! She was disrespectful.

I don't care that the guys that Jenna brought over had to clean the kitchen. It wasn't my company. I think they were using Jenna for camera time. They couldn't even pay for their taxi!

To stay in the house, Jenna could’ve not drawn on the pictures, brought rude ass people to our house and she didn't have to get buck with me the first night!

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