Gia on BGC 804

Zip lining was so much fun! I would def do it again!

Jenna’s leaving had no impact on the house. We just got to know each other a little more. I just feel like we (Jenna and I) both had our differences.

I only saw half of one episode that Tiara was in so I wasn’t sure who she was when we met her. As for her “mansion party,” I wasn't there long enough to have an opinion about it!

No one liked Elease before she came in because she was the replacement. No personal reasons. When she came back after the fight, I didn't think anything of it. I was just like, “Damn she got heart to come back! Kudos!!” If I could change how I reacted to her coming in, I wouldn’t have followed the crowd. I would’ve actually gotten to know her before I reacted. I would’ve given her a chance!

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