Gia on BGC 807: Why not share a room like one big happy family!?

If Matt hadn’t forgiven me…oh well! But he better have! His friends were losers though, and I was shocked when Elease told them she was jumped.

When I found out we were going to Lake Havasu I was so excited! I had never been there but I was going to make the best out of the situation. The place was pretty different but I would definitely go again. I didn’t mind sharing a room with all the girls because we share a house together. Why not share a room like one big happy family!?

My favorite part of being on the boat was drinking and partying with Amy…and going off the water slide. I had been tubing before and it was fun, except for when I fell and busted my lip!

Looking back, I don’t feel bad about locking Demitra, Elease and Amy out of the hotel room because it wasn’t my idea. But it was funny at the time! I wasn’t shocked Demitra reacted the way she did because she was drunk. But I thought it was so funny to see her act like that.

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