Gia on BGC 814: I have learned to take it down a notch.

Coming into the reunion, I just wanted to get it over with. I didn’t want to see any of these petty b*tches again. I wasn’t looking forward to seeing any of them. The whole situation felt bittersweet. But I was willing to talk about anything that was being discussed.

My only regret from this season is jumping Elease. That’s all. I didn’t mind seeing Camilla again. It was cool! She didn’t bother me at all. But I have no clue why she was angrier at Elease than anyone else.

I didn’t see what happened when she jumped Elease because I was in my own fight. Some girl from the audience ran up on me and disrespected me. The whole audience was hating on me from the beginning. They were yelling out about irrelevant things.

In the end, I’m always going to be Gia. I don’t feel like I’ve changed that much from being on the show. I just have learned to calm down and take it down a notch.

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