Jenna on Bad Girls Club 801

My expectations coming in to the house were jaded due to the inevitable nature of this show. I expected a bunch of girls who just want to start issues to seem like the quintessential "Baddest" person. I wasn't interested in having anything to do with that. I came on the show for a vacation and a nice break from the hectic real world and work. I wanted a break from working my full time job and bartending position on the weekends.

I think the magnitude of drunkenness between everyone in the house was unsettling. When a consumption of alcohol in that mass a quantity between 7 newly introduced women takes place, something is bound to occur. I never judge anyone for their drunken escapades because for most people it's not the best depiction of who they are as a real person. However, it was amateur hour in the house. We all got drunk -- sh*t happens. I have never been to Vegas before, which is probably why I drank wayyyyyy too much. It was Vegas!

I didn't want to fight, nor do I ever get into fights in real life. I tried to tell the girls that it was the first night and everyone shouldn't fight already. Then Gia said some nasty comments to me and that set me off. Mix that scenario with A LOT of alcohol and it’s a recipe for a nonsensical disaster. The whole thing was just stupid.

When Gia left, I was happy just to not have the drama in the house for a few SHORT minutes. So it was a relief to just have a moment of calm for myself when she left.

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