Jenna on BGC 803

I don’t wish I could have stayed in the house any longer than I did. The house was not fun, living with creatures that just eat, sleep, complain and plot to jump people and mess with their stuff while they are actually out doing things is pathetic. None of these girls had their own identity, they legit took things people said and did from past seasons and used it in this season. So unoriginal.

I don't feel like I deserved the reaction I got from the noise I was making. If you wanted to do NOTHING every single night in Las Vegas, you should have stayed your ass home and not joined BGC Las Vegas.

I feel like the girls just had it out for me and were looking for a reason to get me to leave. They saw me as a threat and they said it themselves, "Jenna has a backbone and is smart." I don't take nonsense from people and I put people in their place really quick. I am nothing like those girls, I didn't want to fight, and I didn't want to associate with Erica. I believe a woman should pride herself in self-sufficiency & self-reliance and respect her body as her temple. She was extremely annoying to look at and listen to and from the looks of it, the other girls had no reason to have any issues with me. I always tried to keep the peace; they just followed along with what other people were doing, so sad. I quickly removed myself from them because there is no way I would hang around people who exude negative energy constantly, who plot to jump people, and NEVER tell people any issues they have with them face to face.

If I could repeat the night over, I would probably have drank less. I seriously felt like I needed to drink heavily to deal with living in that insane asylum. They should have allotted us straitjackets upon arrival at the house. But regardless, these farm animals would have tried to find a reason to start problems with anyone. They woke us up before and we didn’t complain. If someone says sorry for waking you up, accept it then go back to sleep and don't keep arguing for hours. When a problem is settled, move on!

I didn’t feel like the odd man out when Demitra didn’t take my side because I knew everyone had their own selfish prerogatives. I figured people would stab each other in the back to try and gain something. It's sad because I’m not about that and I actually liked Mimi from the start. I mean she got over someone punching her in the face to keep peace and go out and have fun with us, but you're mad I got black out drunk once and accidentally was loud and woke you up? Come on, I smell bullsh*t.

My bags being spit in was sooooooo disgusting, I would really like to see the Neanderthals that raised these idiots. They always did everything behind peoples’ backs too, then claimed they were "such bad girls" hahaha. Erica also looked naive and dumb by saying my bags were fake because they weren't red inside. Monogram Louis Vuittons aren't red inside. Who cares anyway, superficial nonsense. Good luck to them because whoever takes part in jumping, and ruining people’s things for no reason are not going far in life.

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