Judi on BGC 704

I felt bad when Shelly told me Nastasia was the first one to badmouth me because me and Stasi became friends, but the past is in the past. I guess Shelly just wanted to start some drama.

The swamp tour was so much fun. It was so different and i learned a lot about how they use to make beds and furniture back in the day out of the trees. Holding the baby alligator was scary but it was so cute and sweet lol.

Shelly needs to shut up sometimes. She annoyed all of us when she made such a big deal about Stasis trailer trash comment. She always puts in her own two cents when its never needed or asked for.

I volunteered to be the designated driver for the night to try and make up for the fight we had the night before. Being the DD was okay. I would have much rather have been drinking along with all the girls though. Being sober around drunk people is annoying.

Tiara overreacted about my driving. I would have never put someone elses life in danger -- let alone my own. They were drunk-- I was sober. I knew what I was doing!

Oh, and getting tattoos with the girls was a lot of fun! It was an experience Ill never forget.

-----Fans should vote for me this week for Fan Favorite because Im still being 100% Judi and Im starting to change for the better.

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