Judi on BGC 709

When I threw the cereal on Priscilla of course I knew what was going to happen next. Priscilla reacted exactly how I thought she would Thats why I wanted her to go home I had already done too much so I knew that she was going to hit me, so I had to get myself prepared for it

My face was really bruised up. I had never been in a fight that bad before and even though part of me was in pain, part of me knew that my pain would end and I still won because she went home.

I felt so happy after Priscilla left. I really felt really good about myself. I started the fight but she went home

When I first saw Cheyenne, I knew that she was going to be a skater type of girl and it was good to have that in the house because it would def change the dynamitic. And I wanted to see that.

I kept calling Angie phony because she is 100% one minute but when the other girls werent in the house she talked a mess about them. And when we werent around she talked about us.

When nobody from my team stood up for me during my fight with Angie and Shelly, I realized that it was every girl for herself in the Bad Girls Club house. I have my own back.
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