Bad Girls Club 804 Recap

Deep breaths, Liz, deep breaths. Yes, I have to remind myself how to breathe after this episode of Bad Girls Club because all the drama took my breath away.

Let’s go on, shall we?

The episode opens up with Demitra and Amy returning home and finding out that Jenna went home. De pretends to be sad for a whole 3 seconds, then she’s all, psych! Jenna shouldn’t have put boys first. The next morning everyone sits down for breakfast, and Demitra says she wants to start fresh. The girls agree. Wow, I think. They’re exhibiting maturity. But . . . then they start talking about how they are going to make the new girl go home. Even before they have met her or even seen her picture, they plot her demise.

Later on Gia announces that she wants to go zip lining because it’s only $20 after 6pm. Now, I love a bargain as much as anyone but isn’t Gia always bragging about how rich she is? How she grew up in a half million-dollar house and looks down on people who carry fake Louis Vuittons? Just a little funny then how she’s so eager to engage in an activity just ‘cause it’s cheap. Gia then declares that she won’t be wearing underwear. Good to know!

All the girls, sans the twins who just watch, go zip lining in a mall where they essentially ride over the crowd below. Can you imagine the view from below? When they get back to the house they decide to go skinny-dipping.

The next day they have to get up early for a photo shoot. Knowing them, it’s probably noon, hehe. They’re a bit apprehensive because Jenna will be there. Erica warns us that she doesn’t want to knock a b*tch out. Here’s my suggestion for her . . . then don’t! You don’t HAVE to hit anyone!

Everyone arrives. The six remaining girls try to make Jenna all jealous, but she remains calm, which pisses them off. Amy observes that they need to act professional so the tension is high.

The shoot goes on, they all pose, Dani’s all, “I’m a natural at this modeling thing!” After they finish, Jenna giggles and says goodbye, which infuriates them even more. They follow her to the door and give her the finger and call her a ho as she drives away.

Back at the house the girls start prepping to go out. Gia asks the twins if she should go classy or trashy. Ha. That’s funny. The twins, of course, respond that she should go trashy (which she does by not wearing any underwear because she wants to get lucky.)

At the club, the DJ announces that the Bad Girls Club is in the house, which is funny because there are about five other people there. And one of those five is Tiara from Season 7. The Season 8 bad girls are not having it. Vegas is THEIR city, which of course you would never know because they spend all their time sleeping and walking around the house in pajamas. But I digress. Tiara invites them to a mansion party, and they act all nonchalant about it, like they get invited to mansion parties all the time.

The six girls go home for the night, where there is a picture of the new bad girl, who has not arrived yet. They automatically hate her because, as Dani says, she looks like a bitch. Way to be tolerant! They decide to bond by destroying the house where they live. They take apart the new girl’s bed and throw the frame in the pool because nothing says welcome like sleeping on the floor. Amy is just so happy they’re bonding together as a group. They make a joint decision that they are going to get rid of the new girl at whatever cost. Amy points out that she’s not one for bullying . . . but this new girl, who they have not met, looks like a b*tch so it’s okay. Nice logic Amy!

Meanwhile, the girls decide they’re going to attend Tiara’s party because they hear Master P will be there.

At this point we the viewers (but not the rest of the girls) are introduced to the new girl, Elease, who is from Miami. She spouts a bunch of nonsense about only hanging out with pretty and intelligent people but I like her anyway because she seems pretty upbeat and positive.

Wow, what do we have here? Elease has arrived! Naturally, the original six have locked her out, even though they are home. She eventually finds an open door and lets herself in. The girls ignore her when she says hello and introduces herself. She keeps her cool, which I admire. They finally talk to her, telling her that her bed is in the pool. How sweet of them! Elease takes a deep breath and goes downstairs where she relieves some stress by drawing on their pictures.

Gabi, meanwhile, doesn’t like how Elease walked in with a stank attitude. I give her the side eye because I do believe it is Gabi and company who have the stank attitude. Locking someone out and ignoring them and throwing their bed in the pool doesn’t always send off positive vibes.

Back from the break, the Original 6 continue their reign of terror against Elease. They get all in her face, poking her, touching her, baiting her. She swats them away but remains cool. They all get in the limo to go to Tiara’s mansion party. There is almost no one at the party when they arrive. However, Tiara is there along with Nastasia from Season 7. Tiara and Nastasia are offended that the Season 8 girls won’t even say hi, so Elease goes over to them and introduces herself. She hits it off well with them, and they pick up on the fact that the other girls are hazing poor Elease.

Erica and the gang ditch Elease to go home. They take her bag and scatter her belongings around the house and in the pool. When they’re finished destroying her stuff, they sit down and wait for her. One of the twins remarks that Elease didn’t pack any underwear. Erica responds that’s because she’s a dirty ho. But, but . . . Gia admits that she doesn’t wear underwear! Erica explains that that’s different because Gia’s cute and Elease’s still a dirty ho. I don’t quite understand that logic but okay, let’s go with it and move on.

Elease finally gets home. She sees her belongings everywhere and again she is locked out of the house. She enters through the back door. None of the girls cop responsibility to ruining her stuff, so she assumes it’s all of them. So she starts throwing THEIR stuff in the pool, including Erica’s shoes! Gia, wearing what looks like a shower cap and pajamas, pushes her in the pool. Hard. I’m actually alarmed. Elease really could have been hurt. But these girls don’t care! How DARE Elease touch their stuff! I mean, it’s fine for them to destroy all her clothes and makeup and accessories and shoes but not the other way around. They start attacking her, pulling her hair. A producer has to intervene. But they keep attacking!

The fight finally stops. Shaken up, Elease leaves for the night. So we think. But home girl stays strong and returns the house. She goes to sleep in the VIP room since the other girls threw her bed in the pool. Normally I’d say, Elease, leave, it’s not worth it, but I want her to stay and see how she rises to the challenge.

So there you have it. Another episode of the Bad Girls Club. I can finally breathe again.

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