Bad Girls Club 813: So Long, Farewell, Bad Girls Style.

Oh my God! It is over! And what a long, strange trip it has been! Sure, we have the reunion next week but it’s kind of a relief to know that no one will be jumped anymore. Oh wait…

Let’s go on shall we?

Despite the fact that there are mere days left in the house, the semi-original five—Erica, Gia, Amy, Mimi, and adopted Bad Girl Elease—decide they want Camilla to go home. Camilla knows they are plotting against her, but she stands her ground. She hangs out by the pool by herself, surfing on her mattress. Erica walks by and they start insulting each other’s weaves because that’s what you do in the Bad Girls house.

Speaking of weaves, Mimi is putting a new one in since Camilla snatched it off her head last week. And do not fret, she is keeping spare weaves in reserve in case she gets attacked again.

Mimi and Elease go out to dinner alone and they froth at the mouth from excitement when they talk about how they are going to hit Camilla. Fun times!

Great news everyone! Remember how Erica recorded a really awesome rap tune with a grown man named Jazzy? Well, she gets to perform it live in a few days! She’s really nervous so she recruits Gia and Amy to be her backup dancers. I’m hoping they don’t give Gia anything to drink because you know she will go buck wild on that stage.

The semi-original five continue to ignore Camilla but she does not care. Well, I should rephrase that. She keeps TELLING us she does not care but she goes around the house scribbling on the other girls’ pictures and repeating to herself that she will have a great time without them. They go dune buggying without her, they go out to eat without her, and they go clubbing without her. However, they are obsessed with Camilla too because all they talk about is how much they hate her and how she needs to go.

While the crew all goes out to dinner, Camilla invites her friend Crystal out to a club. They return after the other girls are home in bed, and she chooses that moment to introduce Crystal to them. Everyone acts immature and petulant and Erica mocks that Crystal wears braces.

Camilla invites her family to visit from Long Beach. A huge crew consisting of cousins, aunts, godsisters and her mom show up. They heat up the grill and hit the stripper pole. Mom brags that she raised a queen on the outside and a tiger on the inside. Queen bee, maybe! Erica and company choose to hang out in their rooms during the family visit because they never show disrespect to anyone’s guests. Wait, are we watching the same show? After the non-event of the family visit, they depart back to Long Beach.

Now it is time for Erica’s performance! They all go to the club, sans Camilla. Erica is absolutely terrified and she tells Jazzy she doesn’t want to perform. He’s all, whatever, you’re doing it. So she does, with support from Jazzy on the mic and Gia and Amy dancing (who look ridiculous by the way). Erica is flushed with excitement after she raps, and looks forward to a career as a rapper. I look forward to this never coming true.

The girls return to the house to celebrate, bringing Jazzy and some of his cohorts. Camilla talks to a couple of the guys but then Erica calls them upstairs, explaining that Camilla acts like a child. Takes one to know one I guess.

Before we know it, it’s the final night in the house. Camilla recognizes that everyone is plotting against her and she prepares to take five on one. She is correct in her thoughts because Elease and Camilla are getting ready for an ass whooping. While Camilla is sleeping, they sneak into her room and attempt to move various BGC items out. Camilla wakes up ready for battle. She gets in a screaming match with Mimi and then surprise surprise she attacks her! Amy and Elease join forces with Mimi before the fight is broken up.

Rabid yet again, Camilla calls her mom. Her mom tells her tiger to whoop some ass. So much great parenting on this show! Amy chooses this moment to come downstairs and Camilla drops the phone down and flies ninja style towards Amy. They go at it briefly, but the fight is broken up and Camilla gets the call. Her time in the BGC house is over! She packs her stuff and drives away in peace. Haha jk! The other girls stand on the balcony mocking her as she leaves because that is the Bad Girl way.

At last it is the final day. Elease is the first one to leave, and everyone cries and boohoos which is quite a different reaction than when she first came to the house. Mimi is next to go, then Erica, and then Gia.

Amy is excited to be alone in the house so she does what anyone in her position would do: she goes streaking! Naturally, her limo driver arrives while she’s naked in the pool. He catches a glimpse of her au naturel as she comes into the house because she conveniently does not have a towel. Oh those Bad Girls! She puts on some clothes and heads home.

I gotta say, it’s been quite the season! I can’t wait for the reunion.


Liz out Loud

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