Mehgan: I'm a Bad Girl because...

By Mehgan BGC9

I’m a Bad Girl because I'm independent, educated and fine as hell. :) I wanted to be on BGC because I wanted to see if living in a house with six other girls would change my self centered, spoiled brat, I'm THE Princess Attitude. But, clearly it didn’t!

My first impression of each of my roommates when I first met them was that they were weird. Lol. But I bring to the house an intelligent mind accompanied by a cute face. Most girls don't have both. BGC Mexico is different than the past seasons of BGC because we were the only people in the whole city of Cabo that spoke fluent English. It was a challenge.

This season BGC fans can plan on seeing a classy girl with a KICK ASS personality (literally).

Want to see more of of the Bad Girls? Check out their videos here.

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