Nastasia on BGC 708

I was so beyond pissed once I realized these girls were messing with my stuff. It was at this point that I snapped and realized that they wanted to play games. Im the game master, SO LETS PLAY!!!I knew Shelly and Angie had something to do with it, But Im still not sure. I will put my plan into action to find out!When Angie and T made up I was super happy on the inside. Step one of my plan was done and I didnt even have to do anything.Judi was starting stuff with Priscilla because it was time for her to go. And of course Tiara and I encouraged her to do it so we could GET HER OUT!I was laughing so hard when Judi threw the cereal on Priscilla! I was ready to let them fight so Priscilla could go home already. I knew they were going to go at it, but I was sure as hell going to keep Tasha from jumping in!
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