Nastasia on BGC 710

The plan for Tiaras birthday was crazy. Since I knew it was going to be hard for her to be away from her friends and family, I had to make it a super big deal! So I pulled out all the stops for her. Cheyenne was cool at first. But after the first week, I started to get annoyed with her. She leaves her sh*t everywhere and she is racist! I didn't give a damn that Cheyenne was mad because I was in the bed. It wasn't her bed! So what? She moved it in there, and now Im on it. Go get a different bed to sleep on!Its not hard for me to pretend to like Shelly. She's an idiot. All the sh*t talking she does, and now she really believes that were friends??? I just want to keep her close so I could get information out of her. I wanted to see if she knew who messed with my contacts. KEEP YOUR FRIENDS CLOSE AND YOUR ENEMIES CLOSER I was so pissed when Judi gave Tiara her cake early. She knew that was not part of the plan but I wasn't surprised one bit when she spoiled it. Things weren't going Judis way so she does what she wants to get attention, as usual.

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