Nastasia on BGC 713

I knew the moment Tiara told me Shelly was the one who f*cked with my contacts that I was going to beat her ass. I think I gave Shelly a fair fight. I clearly knew one of them did it. It was her fault for being so cocky and not using the 5 seconds I gave her to confess wisely!I was completely prepared to be sent home after the fight with Shelly. I knew what I was doing and I knew the possible consequences. If I was going to get the boot, I wanted to go out doing something I believe in. I do believe that Judi realized that she has an alcohol problem, and living in the BGC house showed her that. Unfortunately, the change hasn't happened, but maybe she will get help in the future.I learned a lot about myself being in the BGC house. I promised myself I would learn self-control and allow myself to trust and possible make at least one friend. I did all that and more!
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