Priscilla on BGC 704

I met Tony at Bourbon Heat, the nightclub he owns. I thought he looked like a guy I would date back home, and I liked the fact that he was a business man! I know Tasha was a bit negative when it came to Tony, but shes entitled to have her own opinions! Its my choice to value them or not! Was she jealous? Absolutely not!

The swamp tour was so much fun, I loved it! I'm really into nature and looked at it as a learning experience.

I thought Shelly and Nastasias fight in the restaurant was completely distasteful! Its funny what a hypocrite Stasi is. She was talking how we should save the drama for inside the house and then she goes and makes a scene in public!

The house was separated in two cliques since the second day. You either like someone or you don't! I gave everyone a chance until I saw everyones true colors. Poor Judi though. Shes such an actress. She knows how to play the role. Thats for sure. She even admitted that she needs more of a backbone.

Fans should vote for me this week for Fan Favorite because I've been keeping it real since the jump! I'm brutally honest and only God can judge me!
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