Priscilla on BGC 705

Celebrating Mardi Gras in a suite with a balcony over Bourbon Street was the most official way to celebrate! That's my style! I love throwing beads. No offense to Shelly but I wanted to celebrate Mardi Gras the way I wanted to! Tasha and I hit the streets after to recruit fans -- which was really fun!

Shelly started hanging out with Judi, Stasi and Tiara because Tasha and I were doing our own thing. Shelly is a grown woman who can do whatever she pleases!

When Shelly started yelling at the anti-homosexual protesters, the other girls came out to support her but I did too. I was one of the first people to help her! I was yelling on the megaphone and threw beads at the guy’s face!

Shelly was talk about her girlfriend Sarah over and over again in this episode. I thought it was fine. She missed her so of course she's going to talk about her!

The fight between Judi and Shelly in the confessional was bound to happen!
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