Priscilla on BGC 708

Judi was jealous of everything I had. I was basically supplying her with cigarettes, and when I eventually cut her off, she would cry and beg for them like a bum in the streets. She knew I had a soft spot for her. She was trying to use my kindness for weakness, but little did she know! I think Judi wanted me to go home because I'd call her out on sneaky sh*t she did. Throwing up in random places, hiding dirty cups under her bed to get her drink on in the a.m. Stealing mine and Shellys alcohol and Tashas food! Acting ridiculous for no reason! She can't handle the truth about herself! When Judi threw the cereal on me, I was blacked out drunk and sleeping. I was probably into my 9th dream! You really think if I was somewhat conscious I'd let her get away with that? I drank an extra-large hurricane and 3 beers! I was out for the count! Shed get more respect if she had balls to mess with me when I was awake! But then again, weak low lives would pull a stunt like that! This b*tch woke me up from a dead sleep! I warned her previously that they were going to have to transfer me from BGC to the show Snapped!
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