Priscilla on BGC 709

Despite the fact I was in my 9th dream and I was dreaming about unicorns and sunsets due to the Hurricane and 3 Coronas I drank prior to the incident that blacked me out, I didn't think much but to beat her ass up!

Why did I beat Judi up? Let's see Maybe because she deserved it? And I do not regret it. NOT ONE BIT! If you talk sh*t, you get hit! If I talk sh*t, I know for sure I can always back it up!

I'm so happy I was sent home to my clean house! (Roach and ho free!) When I was in the BGC house, I felt like I was in princess prison and needed to escape! I was going to miss Shelly and Tasha but I knew it wasn't going to be the last time I'd see them! Face it, a REAL, true bad girl gets kicked out of the Bad Girls house! I rep NY to the fullest! I did this show for a vacation not a career like some other skanks! Now I live a good, happy, dirty-free life!

I did learn from my experience on BGC. I learned that more than ever before that there are really some fake ass, wannbe bad girls in the world that talk about it, but can't be about it! However I did learn you can leave this kind of environment with some real friends!

My fans know the deal and what's up! All would act accordingly if the same happened to them and I appreciate them oh so much! As you all can see, the BADDEST girls come from NY and I'm so proud to rep my city to the fullest all day, every day! And for my haters: Thank you so much for keeping me a thought in your head! Stay in school! And p.s. I'll always stay winning! ;)

Ill be at the reunion. Dont worry. Unfinished business taken care of!

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