Shelly on BGC 705

Celebrating Mardi Gras with the girls in a suite over Bourbon Street was breathtaking. This is when it hit me how lucky we all were to be doing what we were. You got to see everything and everyone.

Priscilla and Tasha chose to stay in to throw beads rather than partying with me because it was what they wanted to do. Just like I did not want to hang out with them because I wanted to go to the clubs. All of us would have been stupid to waste any time there doing something we did not want to do.

I started hanging out with Judi, Stasi, and Tiara – even though Stasi threw a drink at me in the last episode -- because I wanted to go to the bars and that's what they were doing. I would have went by myself if no one was going. I knew what I wanted and I did it. I have no problem being cordial for a good time during a once in a lifetime experience.

When I started yelling at the anti-homosexual protesters, the other girls came out to support me. I did not care who was out there with me or not cause I believed in my words enough to stand on my own. Priscilla came out to support me but Tasha didn’t. I would consider Tasha a little homophobic.

The fight between Judi and me in the confessional was a drunken mess. However, I do find it funny that she “says” she kicked my ass when I whooped hers. Pulling weave is not winning.

Fans should vote for me this week as the fan favorite because I am real and stand up for human rights.
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