Shelly on BGC 708

Angie and I messed with Nastasias bleach for many reasons. Angie was forming new friendships with all of us, and the jealousy they were showing was just unfair. So when I saw how shady Nastasia and her crew were acting I did what I thought was best. I didnt care if they were going to get mad I did what I wanted to. Thats that.I was so tired of being called fake when I stood up for myself and my friends all the damn time. I am always saying how I feel and doing what I feel needs to be done. Of course I was getting aggravated when Stasi was saying that sh*t when she could not even admit to my face that she was the one that messed with my bed. So mess with me....I mess with you! After I do so, I can play a game of "I know nothing" just as well as she could. And I DID NOT PUT BLEACH IN THERE! Angie and I began to get close as we both started seeing the same fake attitudes in the other girls. We were feed up, so we wanted to do something about it. We had the same interests at the time. I admitted to Stasi that I took her bleach because I messed with it. I can own up to what I do. I was also giving her a chance to do the same about my bed and still nothing. So yeah.I didnt understand why Tiara and Angie made up, but if that was what made Angie happy than thats what she should do.As for Judi throwing cereal on Priscilla while she was sleeping, I dont even have anything to say. The only thing I can say is: Judi got what she deserved.
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