Shelly on BGC 712

Tasha calling the cops? Umm, not really a "Bad Girl" thing to do.After Stasi and Tasha’s fight it was crazy! Tasha calling the cops? Umm, not really a "Bad Girl" thing to do. Enough said. I don’t think Tasha was the one really hitting, so I don’t think she should have been kicked out for that reason. If anything Stasi should have been kicked out. I was upset about Stasi touching Tasha’s clothes because it was not her stuff to touch! PERIOD! Just like my bed was NOT HERS TO TOUCH! Period!I think Judi was so submissive to Stasi because Judi really looked up to her. It was kind of a slap in the face to Judi to have Stasi just switch the game like that. Judi probably was caught off guard and smelt the fakeness oozing out of Stasi’s pores!I wanted to raise money for the animal charity because animal rights is something I fight for on the regular. It is rude to visit and be welcomed by an amazing city like New Orleans and not want to give back. Since Katrina, the city has rebuilt for the humans, but has still not helped the animals. The foundation, Southern Animal Foundation, we raised money for is a non-kill shelter in Louisiana and their home base is in New Orleans. We, as humans, have a voice but animals do not. I wanted to use mine for them. My dog Ella is a rescue from an abused home and she truly is one of the greatest things to ever happen to me. I was happy to help but not everyone else felt the same way. Cheyenne DID SHOW UP TO THE CHARITY, WHICH IS MORE THAN I CAN SAY FOR THE OTHER GIRLS :/ But, I feel like she forgot why we were there. Not to party, but to save animal lives.
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