Shelly on BGC 714

Only the people who were smart enough made it to the end. Some of the low lives in the house seemed to have forgotten reality. They cared about sh*t that just did not matter. Sh*t that obviously made them act like dirty animals. I mean, I knew who I was when I came in there and I was smart enough to not lose any bit of me in that house. Me being me gave me strength to get through anything. I rolled my eyes when Judi said she still loves Stasi as a sister because it is sad. I thought she was going to wise up more than she did, but she is still young. I just really got to finally see the real Judi before I left and the "real Judi" deserves good people in her life. However, Stasi is a self-conscious, fake low life. I think Nastasia is a bully only towards people who she knows she intimidates, like Judi. My god if I heard Stasi telling Judi what to do one more time in that house, I would have lost it. It is sad that Stasi got high off of bossing Judi around. It was great seeing Tasha and Priscilla again. I grew close to them. Priscilla looked amazing and Tasha apologized for what she had said. I mean all is not forgiven but it was appreciated. Tasha says she considers me a good friend but I dont fully feel the same way. I cannot fully respect someone who does not fully respect my life and future.

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