Shelly on BGC Reunion Part 2

Its not the greatest feeling hearing Tasha and Priscilla talk about how they hate listening to me talk about Sarah, but I can handle it. I lost a lot of respect for some of these girls seeing what happened behind the scenes, but joking is one thing and joking to hide true feelings is another. It was easy to see which one was doing what.

Thank God Stasi has the limelight because of BGC because she is not the greatest artist I have heard. I feel like words like H.A.M. and the Nicki Minaj look have already happened. But when you are thirsty I guess you do what you need to do. I find it sad that she has allowed someone other than herself bother her that much to make a rap about it. I mean I guess thank you to her because she is keeping my name out there!

My final words for the girls would be either f*ck you or I love you. You know which one is dedicated to you! My final words to the fans of BGC New Orleans would be thank you for everything! Lovers and haters, I am so glad to be able to share this experience with you! It was one hell of a ride and you all made it more exciting!

My advice to the new season of Bad Girls would be: BE YOURSELF and stand up for your what you believe is right!
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