Tasha on BGC 703

I feel like the two cliques formed VERY QUICKLY but it's because people showed their true colors that fast. I'm hanging out with Priscilla and Shelly because they are REAL and NORMAL. Theyre my kind of girls. They keep it real 100%. I ONLY ROLL WITH REAL B*TCHES!!!

When we stayed out for dinner, we honestly werent trying to ditch the other girls. We were hungry and wanted to try a new restaurant. It wasn't like we plotted to "ditch" them... We are not that immature or lame. We shopped all day and wanted to grab food. Id rather go eat with normal women than a bunch of animals anyways!I thought it was really cool when I heard that wed be able to actually be a part of the Mardi Gras parade in New Orleans! I really enjoyed seeing all the people who filled the streets of the city, I've never seen anything like it! Also, I enjoyed spotting out all the Sexy DREAD heads! Hahaha

When Ennis came over I felt like it was my first visitor in prison!!! I have never been so happy to see him! He's one of the BEST guys I've ever met... I am so thankful to have him in my life. He was there to support me! Such a positive and amazing friend!

When the other girls brought guys home after the parade I really didnt care... They were trying to bring anyone with a d*ck home. They were passing out our house number to the drive thru workers!! It was just pathetic.When I found out that Judi had sex in the confessional room I was disgusted. Just gross!! What an attention whore! Who f*cks on national TV? She seriously has NO self-respect... I really just feel bad for her. Priscilla and I did not mess with Judis head. Like, who else was trying to help her? We were trying to get her checked out by a doctor.

Fans should vote for me for the Fan Favorite this week because I'm the POSH PRINCESS!!!! ;) People look at me and think I'll be a pushover because I'm pretty and petite. But I'm actually not going to back down. You don't have to be trashy or the loudest to be a bad b*tch. Just be classy and never back down. Don't stoop to these low-lives level. Also, I think I'm a good role model for women. Remember... "When you act like trash you will collect maggots!"
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