Tasha on BGC 705

I had never been to New Orleans for Mardi Gras so I didn't really know what to expect. We had a really nice suite right on Bourbon Street and the crowd was crazy! We all had a blast and it was a fun experience.

Honestly me and Priscilla were having a blast doing our own thing. We just didn't feel like going out in the streets dealing with all the craziness! Thats why we didnt go out with Shelly. Shelly started hanging out with Judi, Stasi, and Tiara just because they were being fake towards her, and Shelly wanted to go out. Priscilla and I really just wanted to do our own thing.

When Shelly started yelling at the anti-homosexual protesters, I just stayed out of it. I've said it plenty. I don't think its right to be gay. The Bible says it should be between a woman and a man. Although, I do have plenty of gay friends that I love and support, I personally don't think its right.

Am I homophobic? What a joke! No way! Im just standing up for what I believe in. I do not care about anyones sexual preference. It has NOTHING to do with me!!!!

Listening to Shelly talk about her girlfriend over and over again was fine. Im very happy for Shelly!!! She is in love and that's awesome!! Shelly and I come from two different backgrounds. I was not used to someone being so obsessive with their sexuality. After getting to know more about Shelly, I see shes just very passionate about what she loves and expresses it differently than I was used to. I respect her for that.

Judi and Shelly started fighting in the confessional in this episode. Judi never knows when its enough so I understand why Shelly attacked Judi. Just another crazy night in the house.

Why should fans vote for me this week as the fan favorite? Ive been keeping it real since day one! Ive stood up for myself and what I believe in 100%. If you dont stand for something you will fall for anything. :)
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