Tiara is your Bad Girls Club New Orleans Fan Favorite

It's an honor to be your fan favorite and I'm so overwhelmed with joy for accomplishing this. I've always wanted to be on television and I knew my personality would take me far in life. It's so funny because I was never going to try out for Bad Girls Club until my friends told me to go for it. Then, I got a call back for my very first interview. Before driving 5 hours away for my interview, I pulled over on the side of highway and asked myself "why am I wasting my gas driving this far when I'm NEVER going to make the show?" I thought to myself, "there are hundreds of thousands of girls trying out and they'll never pick me" but something inside of me said "just GO TIARA!!" so I did and I made the show.

My casting director fell in love with my personality! She loved how crazy I was and my hair whipping, and I kept her laughing. Fact of the matter is ALWAYS be yourself! The world connects with me so much because I'm real, loyal, and I love to have a good time not to mention, I would lay a b*tch out if need be.

I love that the millions of people got a chance to see the real me with my flaws and all. I had the time of my life while being on the Bad Girls Club and I wouldn't change that experience for anything in the world. It also changed my life dramatically. I can't go anywhere without someone not knowing who I am and not taking a picture. Lol. It can be very hectic at times but its everything I've always dreamed of.

Whatever you do in life, make sure youre enjoying it to the fullest! I would not waste my time on something that I am not enjoying simply because of what I stand for. Enjoy this world of abundance and if you fail at least you had fun doing it.

Thank you all so much for voting for me and tuning in every week. Thank you to everybody who had me trending worldwide almost every week on Twitter with all of my wild and crazy sayings. I love you all so much. No other Bad Girl from any season has every had over 100,000+ followers from their season alone but I did it. Shout out to all of my Team Tiara fan pages, my "So Boojie" family and everybody who supports me. I won't let you guys down and I'll be back on your television screens soon! I love you all so much and ALWAYS remember to: KEEP IT CUTE *snap snap, then flips hair* OR PUT THAT SH*T ON MUTE :)!!! T Dolla from the G loves you all and thanks again for loving and supporting me!! Team Boojie is the sh*t and trust and believe me when I say that this is only the beginning.

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