Tiara on BGC 709

Priscilla was lame for getting up two hours later and acting like she was sleep when she wasn't. She only fought Judi because she knew Judi couldn't fight. I felt really bad for Judi the next morning because her face was swollen and she was in so much pain.

 I was happy that Priscilla was leaving. She wasn't my friend so I didn't care about her leaving. Besides I wanted a new roommate anyway. Cheyenne was really cool, laid back and sweet when I first met her. And, she liked to have fun so that’s my type of girl.
The Judi drama didn’t stop after Priscilla left. I think Judi was complaining about Angie being fake because she is. Plus, Judi was kind of mad that Angie was talking to me probably.
I’m not captain save a hoe. I don’t want to help Judi when Angie and Shelly were messing with her bed. I can't be there to help Judi all the time. I had to teach her to stand up for herself and have a backbone and she did just that. I did however help Judi put her mattress back in her bedroom.

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