Tiara on BGC 710

Im the Queen B, so therefore I was very happy and excited about the girls planning my birthday events. Everything was perfect!After Cheyennes first week in the house I thought she was messy, yet still a sweet and cool girl.I was really drunk when Cheyenne dropped her comment about going to ghetto black clubs every night, so I don't remember how I felt. I know she isn't racist. I just think she's dumb as hell for making that comment because we never invited her to come with us. She didn't have to come. I didn't know her well enough at the time so she really didn't have to participate in any of my birthday events. Im black and I love going to black clubs!The fight between Cheyenne and Nastasia over the bed was funny because Cheyenne was afraid to tell Stasi to get out. She asked me to tell her and I told her to go tell her herself.
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