Tiara on BGC 713

Kicking Cheyenne out was easy! I knew Cheyenne was stupid enough to believe anything I told her so I just came up with something simple so she could go. I couldn't start any drama with her because she was too boring for that and she would have just walked away so I just decided to call the limo for her. I wasn't surprised with the way she reacted at all because she's a very boring person. However, I did expect her to do or say at least SOMETHING. But she didn't, and that just proves that the Bad Girls Club house isn't for everybody. Cheyenne didn't belong there, plus she was running me low so the b*tch had to go.I was happy my boo Stasi whooped Shelly ass. Shelly is fake. When you try to hurt someone on that level it isn't right at all. Stasi could have gone blind if she were to have put those contacts in her eyes. Shelly deserved that ass whooping. Stasi did what she had to do so her getting kicked out didn't bother me at all. It felt good to see Judi happy about her time here, because towards the end Judi really was a better person. She wasn't that hot mess girl from Chicago that she was when she walked in the house. My experience from the Bad Girls Club was AMAZING :) I had the time of my life and I made two lifelong best friends which I didnt expect at all. I also learned to have more patience. If I didnt, I would have never made it to the end because I would have gone home from laying a couple of b*tches out.
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