8 Baddest Girls Ever Video Bracket

By Matt Muro

A new season of Bad Girls Club is popping off Tuesdays at 8/7c. What better time to look back at the last 10 seasons and settle a constantly brewing argument: Who is the baddest Bad Girl Ever? To this end, we present the 8 Baddest Girls Ever Video Bracket. 

Watch all 8 videos highlighting each girl's special brand of badness and vote for who is the baddest of them all. Round 1 pits Tanisha (season 2) vs. Christina (season 9), Gia (season 8) vs. Judi (season 7), Lea (season 5) vs. Flo (season 4) and Char (season 6) vs. Natalie (season 4). Round 1 ends Tue., January 29 at 10:50AM EST. So cast your votes now!


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