Andrea Airs It Out (BGC, Ep. 916)

By Andrea BGC9

When Erika was fighting Julie, I was thinking “HA HA HA HA HA B*TCH!”

I don't hate anyone. I don't like Julie because she is a sneaky person who talks a lot of sh*t. I don't like Mehgan because she talks bad about me nonstop, and says false statements to try to make me seem nothing like what I really am.

I couldn't care less about Julie’s lesbian relationship with Falen. I thought Zuly had a problem with Falen, so I didn't understand why she wanted to kiss her again. Rima will kiss anyone so I just thought it was typical that she kissed Zuly.

I DEFINITELY think that Julie instigated most of the problems in and the house and she manipulated situations in her favor.

Falen is a thief, she hid some of my stuff under her bed when I left, but I found it. Falen is all talk. I don't believe she has half the things she says she does.

You have to live BGC to really understand it. The world only sees a portion of what really goes on, they really have no clue of how much of a challenge the BGC house is.

When Mehgan poured the cranberry juice on Julie, all I thought was, “she better not pour it on me.”

Julie was the reason for everything I went through. She needed her a*s whooped. There was no way she was getting away with the stuff she did to me. ESPECIALLY after she killed MunkMunk. I squirted the mustard on her because she said she loved mustard and because she threw stuff on me.

I wanted to clear the air with Ashley because in the beginning I really did like her. Even though we did messed up things to each other, I wanted to end BGC on a positive note with the only other girl I was cool with besides Christina. There was no point in holding a grudge.

The best part of the reunion was whooping Julies a*s. the worst part was Rima forgetting her bra!

The best part of BGC was living in Cabo. The worst part was the death of MunkMunk! I will only miss Christina, but she's my girl and we hang all the time, so I’ll never really have to miss her. F*ck everyone else ;)

What’s next for me? You'll just have to stay tuned.

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