Andrea: Im A Bad Girl Because

By Andrea BGC9

I’m a Bad Girl because I am a bossy, model chick that commands attention every time I walk in a room. I pop my own bottles when I feel like it, and the boys cover me when I don't. If someone has a problem, I’d love for them to come at me- we can fix it. I'm a Bad Girl because I fear no one, and nothing. Everything I want, I get. No questions asked.

I wanted to be on the Bad Girls Club because it is the ultimate party. You get V.I.P treatment for all the places my mom told me would get me into trouble! I love experiencing new things, so living with girls who claim they get life poppin’ the way I do sounded like fun. 

I'm a bossy bad bitch, but unlike the other girls, I am grounded. I am very level headed and humble, and don’t feel the need to be “extra” to show how bad I am. The rest of these girls do what they do just to stand out, while my reflection does that on its own.

BGC Cabo is different then other seasons because of passports and pesos. And if some drama pops off I can't have a friend run through since we’re in another country!

I didn't mind being a replacement Bad Girl. I was just happy for the opportunity. I don’t want to give anything away but viewers can plan on seeing a lot from me this season. You’re going to see how nice and sweet I am. You’re going to see people try to test me. You’re going to see my b*tch side. You’re going to see how much crazy is hidden under this pretty smile.

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