Andrea Is On Her Own Now (BGC, Ep. 9)

By Andrea BGC9

I think those girls are all so corny.

After getting to know Zuly a little better, I think she is a cool girl. She was my only kind of “friend” in the house. But she was just looking to have fun and there's nothing wrong with that.

The fight about the money/ the check was fueled because I wouldn't just drop it, like Julie asked me to. I am far from broke or cheap, but I'm also not going to let people tell me how much I should be tipping when there is a group of girls, not just me. They need to not worry about what I do anyway. Get out of my wallet, because you have no clue about me! I felt ganged up on and attacked by the girls. I find it funny that they need to be a group to gang up on the littlest person in the house. These girls like to yell, throw shit, and push, but no one wants to swing.

I think those girls are all so corny. They hid the phone and toilet paper but I took the limo to the store and bought my own phone and my own damn toilet paper!! I stuck ALL of their tooth brushes in the toilet, so I think I won that battle. And thank goodness I got food before I came home, so I had napkins!!

Rima's EASY and she'll take love anywhere she can get it, and Zuly wants a piece. I think Zuly was fueled by her jealousy of Ricky J more than anything. Rima was probably getting close with Zuly to play her game even more. I started flirting with Ricky J at the club to help Zuly out. Zuly wanted Rima, and Ricky J was getting in the way. Plus I was done being nice to all those flip-flopping fake girls. It was time to push some buttons.

I called Ashley fat because if you turn on me I’ll take every shot to kill your soul. Ashley was cool with me and she turned just because she was being a follower. Rima, too. I don't take that lightly. You can hate me from the beginning and I just won’t care about you, but if you act like my friend then f*ck me over, I have no control over my mouth, especially when I'm DRUNK!

I figured Rima's talk outside was fake. She told me was just inside yelling and she was the only one who wrote on my picture. But I played her game. I wasn't having a house meeting or saying sorry to anyone but Ashley, simply because I'm not an evil person. When Ashley told us about her eating disorder, I felt bad for her. I've been through some messed up relationships and I don't think anyone should be treated like that. I don't get pleasure out of hurting someone’s feelings, I once cared for, even if they did me wrong. I said sorry to be a bigger person, and because I understand how personal low blows can get into people’s heads.

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