Andrea on BGC 905: I could tell there was a divide in the house.

By Andrea BGC9

I wanted to be on The Bad Girls Club simply because I’m BAD. I wanted to party it up! I wanted to meet cute boys and show the world what a true bad *itch acts like! Going into the house, I expected to try things I’ve never done before. I knew I would have a few arguments, but I wanted to leave with at least ONE new friend! The first few days in the Bad Girls house definitely lived up to my expectations. Minus seeing any cute boys!

When I first met the girls, I could tell there was a divide in the house. It was definitely easier to get along with Ashley, Christina, and Rima. They befriended me and seemed nice. The other girls looked mean.

I was pissed when Mehgan went through my things. I didn’t like that at all. And when I saw that they were searching for pictures of me online and searching for a reason to hate? I thought that was pathetic.

I think it was crazy how Christina came at me in San Lucas. But, as long as we never go through it again, that’s her one and only mess up with me.

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