Andrea on BGC 906: I felt extra alone.

By Andrea BGC9
I was upset when I heard Mehgan, Julie, and Falen talking about me behind my back. It's always a letdown to hear people dragging your name through the mud. More then anything, I just didn't understand why they were being so mean. I didn't know being a Bad Girl meant hating and plotting on other people. SAD! When I saw that they had graffiti-ed my picture, I was actually happy. It gave me a chance to call them out, since that was really the first time they spoke some sh*t that I could see.

The visit from my boy was heartbreaking. We already had a long distance relationship and were trying to work towards making things better, and then he came and acted like a total a**. Between dealing with stupid girl drama, and his drama, it was a lot to handle. I just wanted to feel like someone, somewhere was in my corner, because I felt extra alone.

When I saw Christina dancing with that older man, I thought, Go girl go girl go girl! She saw a chance to play a guy for all hes worth and she took it. So what?

I was so annoyed when my boyfriend got jealous at the club. I was so sick of his petty drama. I wished he could just be cool and play his position, but he never thought I did anything right. He always wanted to push my buttons for a reaction. He probably wasn't even really jealous, he just wanted to see me get upset and go crazy.

When Christina trashed the phone room I knew this girl needed to get her anger in check. But, shes my girl and she had a bad night, so I cleaned up the mess.

I didnt believe Rima when she told me all of the things Christina supposedly did. I learned quickly to let peoples words go in one ear and go out the other. Ill let people talk and Ill hold the conversation, but Ill never trust what's being spoken. I personally didn't care about the Christina vs. Rima drama. I just didn't want them to fight.

When Mehgan and Julie confronted me, I figured that it was probably fake. Obviously I would never befriend people who talk badly about me, so why would you wonder why I didn't? They knew they were rude to me, so that was a dumb question to come at me with.
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