Andrea on BGC 907: I felt like I'd be the next to leave.

By Andrea BGC9
I was sooooo sad to see Christina leave. I knew I had no friends left so at that point I felt like Id be the next to leave.

I was excited to perform at Pink Kitty. It sounded like a lot of fun. I had fun learning the choreography but I was worried because none of the girls were taking it seriously. It was obvious that the choreography was annoyed by them not listening, and I was very annoyed myself. They were treating our job like a joke and I dont do business like that. On top of that, the outfits sucked! I was hoping they werent mandatory because they were not flattering at all!

When we got on stage and the crowd was booing before we even started, I was embarrassed. We hadnt even performed yet and they already expected us to suck. Then of course we all messed up. It was just overall a terrible performance.
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