Andrea Was Pushed Til She Popped (BGC, Ep. 10)

By Andrea BGC9

At the end of the day, I didn't come to the house to hurt anyone else's feelings. I was trying to be the bigger person apologizing to Ashley, because at one point Ashley and I were actually cool. Ashley disrespected me first, so it should have been her saying sorry to me, but she was milking the sympathy card. I let her know Rima brought her hurt feelings to my attention, because that's how it happened. I'm not some lame girl that's going to let people walk all over me then just say sorry when their actions caused me to say f*cked up sh*t in the first place. I was just going along with the game they were playing, and said sorry because two wrongs don't make a right.

The booze cruise was a great break from all the bullsh*t. The view was amazing and the drinks were strong. I had a blast.

I love everything about myself. I could care less about the other girls’ opinions of me. They need labels and to list the price of things to feel special. I'm the type to rock a $5 shirt and still be fly. I'm nothing like any of those girls, and I do not care about what they have to say.

When I saw they made a calendar counting down to me leaving I thought, “could you be more corny?” It's funny how concerned they are with me. If I'm so irrelevant why am I always the topic of conversation? This is what happens when a group of haters find each other. But I wasn't trying to hang with these chicks. I don't need a group to do me, I'd rather go out on my own. Again I have to wonder why they are so concerned with me? When they came to the club and started getting all rowdy, I made up my mind that I was going to fight Ashley and then go home. I had enough of these girls. Ashley disrespected me for the last time. I was done with this girl trying to show out for these other girls. It was clear they wanted to push me til I popped, and I did.

It was nice to have a day out with someone without there being drama. Honestly Zuly was cool with me, but a friend to all is a friend to none, and when it came time to really be my friend, she just sat there. I was shocked that they really threw my stuff in the ocean. I didn't think they really were doing that. Monk Monk was my comfort. I slept with that monkey every night. Me and that monkey cried together so many times. He was my only friend and they murdered him :(.

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