Ashley on BGC 905: I was definitely crushed.

By Ashley BGC9

When I found out Erika was leaving, I was happy. I liked Erika, but what she put Rima through was terrible, and Rima's my girl so I definitely didn't want HER to leave.

I had mixed feeling about Falen and Rima becoming friends because of what she did to Rima. I didn't want Rima to trust her right away. But it was nice to see them get along. Falen had no reason to dislike Rima in the first place.

When I first saw Andrea, I thought she was the cutest thing ever. I stood up for Andrea when the other girls starting being mean to her because I don't like bullying and I already had seen how horrible they can be. I stick up for what I believe in.

I spoke up to Christina because we were friends, and though she was a little tipsy, I figured that maybe if I told her she was wrong she’d listen and back off. Clearly that wasn't the case! I was sooo mad and hurt when she hit me because I had thought that she was my girl, and I'd been nothing but a friend to her. I was definitely crushed. But, then again, it's the Bad Girls Club so anything can happen!

I still felt like after Christina and I fought though, we were going to be friends again. After she apologized I wanted to forgive her, and I did, because I really at that point loved her as a friend. I knew she was really sorry because she never cries, so once I saw her doing that, I knew she really meant her apology.

I decided to open up to Mehgan and Julie about my past because I wanted them to get to know me and what I had been through. I wanted to get to know them, too, and I was hoping that after hearing my story, they too would open up. I felt like the whole experience helped make us a little closer.

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