Christina Keeps it G (BGC, Ep. 915)

By Christina BGC9

Rima is the fakest because she has no backbone and she goes along with how the crowd feels. She would constantly get annoyed with Ashley and talk sh*t about her. After these girls tortured her she became married to one of them and best friends with the others. Like be real and understand these girls are not your friends.

I loved seeing all the haters because I looked better then ever and of course better than them.

I have the biggest problem with Falen because she got her a*s beat. She was a punk and she always talked sh*t behind closed doors but never to someone’s face and she is hideous.

All of the girls were jealous of me because they are sloppy and disgusting and all fake.

I got in Rima’s face because even after I got her stupid boat paddles she continued to provoke me and talk sh*t. I did nothing to her compared to what the other girls did so I felt the need to punch her in the face.

I think Julie deserved every last punch that Erika threw. She is an evil two timing b*tch.

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