Christina on BGC 902: They were obviously jealous.

By Christina BGC9

I didn’t stand up for Ashley when the other Bad Girls were making fun of her because she is old enough to stand up for herself, and she should not allow people to insult her.

What upset me about Falen that started our fight was that she was constantly involving herself in problems that had nothing to do with her.

When the other Bad Girls were giving me “the stink eye” at the club, I felt that they were obviously jealous, because at that point I had not done anything to any of the girls. They would have had no other reason to look at me dirty unless they felt intimidated.

The fight between Julie and I had started in the limo. My plan was to end it in the house where I had enough room to beat Julie's a**. I almost decided not to start a fight with Julie because of Mehgan and Rima

…However, I decided against that, and we fought! I lit Julie's weave on fire because I just didn’t want to see her even dare clip it back as if I had done absolutely no damage. I made sure there was NO chance that she would ever wear it again. Needless to say, I won the fight.

When we all voted on whether or not Mehgan should stay, personally, I didn’t care either way. The whole thing was just kinda funny to me.

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