Christina on BGC 905: I was alone.

By Christina BGC9

When Erika left, I felt really terrible. I was alone. But, she fell into Julie's trap.

When Andrea first got to the house, I thought she was sweet and adorable.

I freaked out when I was left alone in the room because I am really paranoid. I just hate being alone when I feel scared! Call me crazy, I guess. I don’t even really remember why I was angry at Andrea in particular; I think I had just had a little too much wine.

I fought Ashley because she came too close to my face. I was shocked that she even picked me, of all girls, to finally confront. I was never a problem to her and never bullied her the way other girls did! I felt a little betrayed by her, and honestly I think she doesn’t know who to defend and who not to defend. I loved her a lot, but we are just two totally different people.

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